Glass Canopies & Glass Houses

Glass canopies are a great solution for weather protection in any climate, all year round. Our custom designed glass canopies not only increase usable outdoor living space, but also assist in providing protection from sun, rain and wind.

Whether the application requires a point supported glass canopy that makes a statement with a heavy support structure, or a subtle expression with a light supported and seemingly “floating” canopy, Star Tech Windows is proud to offer a variety of custom configurations to meet any project’s design or structural requirements.

Enjoy the outdoors all year round

So many different designs, colors, materials and optional features – Star Tech Window’s aluminum and wood/aluminum patio canopies fit perfectly into your homes architecture. Our simple glass canopy will provide reliable shelter from the rain. Yet if you add vertical, sliding glass elements, it becomes a glass house that will protect you against all types of wind and weather. The canopies and vertical elements are conceived precisely to work in perfect harmony with one another, right down to the smallest detail. The same applies to our wide range of accessories:
  • Solar protection: High-quality awnings offer perfect sun protection: installed on top , vertical or as an under-glass awning.
  • Lighting: Enjoy those balmy summer nights – built-in LED spotlights will put your glass house in the perfect light.
  • Control system: The innovative control system enables you to control your awning and lighting wirelessly.