Curtain Wall Systems

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Star Tech Windows is the premier source for commercial and residential curtain walls in Vancouver. Dedicated and devoted to contemporary architecture, we design and install curtain walls suitable for any building facade.

What is a Curtain Wall?

In architecture, a wall can be load bearing or non-load bearing. When a wall is non-load bearing, exterior glass panels, metal cladding, and thin sheets of stone can be hung between floors.

As well as reduced construction costs, curtain wall systems equip buildings with superior thermal efficiency. Enhanced aesthetic attractiveness also lend residential (and commercial) buildings notable style distinction.

  • Curtain wall systems provide architects with an easy way to create unique new building designs
  • Residential curtain wall systems reduce home energy consumption and enhance interior home livability
  • A curtain wall system can be opaque, semi-translucent, or transparent, depending on what materials are used

Curtain wall systems are different from storefront windows and window walls. For the most part, storefront windows are only suitable for installation at ground level. Curtain wall systems are also far more cost-effective than window walls, when incorporated into large architectural projects.

Types of Curtain Wall Systems in Vancouver

Common stick system curtain walls are installed in long sections (referred to as sticks) which are assembled on-site during construction. Conversely, unitized (modular) curtain wall systems are fabricated in sections before arriving at work sites.With both stick and unitized curtain wall systems, curtain sections can be composed of transparent glass, stone, or metal.

Curtain Wall System Benefits

Curtain wall systems equip Vancouver business premises with several benefits.

Glass curtain wall systems allow light to flood property interiors. This adds distinctive character and ambiance. Meanwhile, external building facades glimmer, and make striking architectural statements from all viewing angles.

As well as aesthetic benefits, curtain wall systems also equip Vancouver buildings with several functional advantages.

  • Curtain wall systems slow the spread of fire
  • A curtain wall minimizes building sway, cushions wind buffeting and balances overall kinetic stress
  • Glass curtain wall systems improve energy efficiency by lowering lighting costs and improving building thermal efficiency

Residential Curtain Wall Design

Curtain wall systems traditionally feature in luxury high-rise apartment and commercial building construction. However, curtain walls can be fabricated by us to accommodate almost any building type.